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Salam, hi afeesh,

here are some of my aidilfitri pics. in somewhat chronological order, from ramadan08 period to preparations for aidilfitri08, thru the festive season day2. i never quite like to pay visits [whether it's for hari raya or not], unless it's to people whom i'm very close to. i only visited 3 houses on the first day [my mommy's elder sista's, my bro's and my sista's places]. I stayed home otherwise. I did not join my family members to the other visitings.

I'm not anti-social, i just don't see the logic or sound reasons of visiting people whom i hardly keep in touch with, whether or not we have blood relation. I perceive that it becomes very sluggish to adopt many of the practices of most of the malays.

As I am manouvering into a holistic lifestyle, I am making personal efforts to put priority on Aidiladha instead. To me, the malays are experts in blowing things way out of proportion. They'd go visitings till after midnight. They'd even visit cousin's in-law's bro's and sisters, or long distance auntie's adopted daughter's house and so on and so forth, etc... that's juz an example. Too frivolous that all seem totally unnecessary for me. I view the habit as being sloppy.

Sweetie, you don't hafta agree with me. Juz respect my views, that's all I'd ask for. Let me be with my thoughts and ideas. I do not wish to join the rat race.

Last but not least, no one knows about this page except for you. you may however share it with whoever tho it shall only be for you, from me.


cherrywerryberry : )

NB : these pictures are modified according to the resolution of my pc. my pc's graphic card is not so super so there might be some distortions. hope all is well. enjoy!




to start off, i place an an orchid in every washing bowl, heee!


breaking of fast at my parents' home. btw, i'm still staying with ma folks


breaking of fast at my parents' home wif ma siblings, cousins and uncle and auntie too


planning to bake cookies


having lotsa fun


messy messy


coloured cups waitin' for the cue to takeup their role


flour everywhere


snowing on the baking tray


i didn't fast on that day. notice the missing piece


our domestic conventional oven couldn't bake many cookies at a time


varieties of sweet goodies


we bought some at this confectionery


before snow falls


forgot to snap the other dishes. this is the only one. it's sambal goreng


the part i hate about events and occassions is when my kitchen gets messy. then again, where to put the cookie bottles?


messy but this is reality : (



one of the view of our kitchen that's not too cluttered


i like this view too


how do you like the juxtaposition of the autumn themed tiles?


you know dear, i do like photography. maybe one day we can get together and adopt this as our mutual hobby, insyaALLAH. anyway, just to say that i like this view


vanity counter


this bouquet is not new. i think it's been 3 years or so. i often vacuum the dust off. i love to tend the house : )


cake assortments


when i'm around, there's often coloured serviettes : )


another tray of cake assortments


bite size snacks


for our 2nd seating area


glasswares from ikea


i prefer the coloured glasses to the plain ones


another view


close up view of the flower arrangement @ dining area


enhancing the entrance area


memorabilia of our travelling experiences and various photo takes


sitting area overlooking the little balcony


another view of the sitting area


similar view. there's manja mag from among the stacks, u know : P


aromatherapy corner


little indoor garden [left]


little indoor garden [right]


ma and pa


this family picture was taken on the first day of aidilfitri08. also the first house we visited. i'm somewhere in the centre but half-blocked by afiq, my one and only nephew.





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