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saya minat dengan penulisan wartawan lelaki ini sejak dulu lagi. waAay before his name was mentioned in the article commemorating the 5th anniversary of the demise of my late ustadz, almarhum ustadz syed abdillah ahmad aljufri. in fact, when i read his name in that one article, i thought to maself, "hmm... i'm quite right afterall..." honestly, i was very much intriqued with his one article, a long long time ago... soon after cyberUmmah became defunct. he wrote on his experience attending a function with the singaporeMalayMuslimCikgus. during which, he had given a speech. and in the speech, he had mentioned the 'sicknez' of the malayMuslimCommunity. there and then, some of the s.m.m.Cikgus 'protested' their disagreement sayin' a member of such group shud NOT! instigate the matter further. i thot, "whhhaAatTt?!!! lamerz!!!"

i wud like to let this brother know how i often look forward to read his articles in the Berita Harian/ Berita Minggu : )

u go my bro!!!

salam ukhwah dari lu-nyer-manjer-sista : )






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