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hi chipmunk,
here are photos of your friends, at auntie cherry's home. come over and play with them, okay? hehehe...

salam kc,
kakIda called me just a few days ago. she said she is coming to ma mommy's home after jaja's[psle] and kamarul's[gce'o'] exams. so you may come along. i told her i have mentioned to you to come and we went into details on that. btw kan, ida told me she knows who is behind the voice of 'chipmunk'. but i said to her that she doesn't hafta tell me. she may keep it a secret, and we both laughed at it. but she told me it'z definitely not fiza 'o'. anyways, i anticipated she might mention hafeez. i felt calm but rather berdebar-debar. well she did but on another matter. encik kc, dengar sini yek... kalau sesiapa dari kalangan sedara-mara kita yang tahu kakMarhaya suka hafeez, aku tahu siapa nak carik. And mr champion, cherry is very capable of being nasty, hahaha!!!

neways, here's one take of my favourite cousin, lisza[kakNor], who came last night. i thot you might have seen and known her. the one who is a shop managress at ngee ann city's burberrys. but hey, i like ida too, u know. kebetulan, ida was the first cousin i confided in, about my break-up with my first chinese boyfriend when i was 15. doesn't tis show that i trust her well? at that time i thot i'd cry but ida was so comforting. insyaALLAH, if and when  she comes[and if you're not here with us], i shall take a picture or two with her and email to you : )


cherrywerryberry : )















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