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salam, hi rz...

dah lama saya janji nak emel gambar-gambar peraduan yang disertai sekolah rendah junyuan ini tapi baru sekarang berkesempatan. maaf ya. saya rasa lebih baik saya taruh di website ini daripada jam ur mailbox with the big file size. these pics are modified [colour and brightness], in accordance to the resolution and power of my pc. therefore there might be some distortions when opened with urs. a point worth noting, yours truly did all the costumes at home. apa pun, dah langsai ya, hutang gambar saya pada awak. hehehe... enjoy!





dancing and singing competition [group]

p1 : burung kakak tua

p3 : chan mali chan




headgear for p3


headgear in the making


what a mess


there goes my spacious sitting area


almost done


p1 pupils before the competition begins @ a community centre nearest to st.hilda's school


p1 & p3 students


cikgu norlinda [left], cikgu shahrina [right] - ma sista


peminat setia rz  cikgu salamah


p1 kids donning the bird costume


p3 kids donning the 'kambing' costume


complete with face masks


green coloured masks for the boys and red coloured masks for the girls


cikgu habsah - ma mommy


anak-anak cikgu norlinda


teh girls have colourful paper skirts too, made of crepe paper [low budget lah ajax!]


red masks for the girls, with bright skirts


standing in line to proceed to the stage. they're the first to perform.


getting ready for phototaking


back row from left : cikgu kamisah[anwar dat's wife], cikgu salamah and cikgu habsah[ma mommy]


i must apologise for the dullness of the upcoming 7 photos. they had forgotten to turn on the stage lights.












p1 is done!


see the difference when the stage lights are turned on? p3 in action












p3 is done!


p1 & p3 kids with cikgu salamah, while waiting for the results to be announced


p1 [burung kakak tua] got the first prize. that's cikgu naim on the extreme right, back row


p3 got in 3rd place.

alas, well done all!!!


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